About Our Puppies!

At Calico Field Spaniels, we breed litters infrequently because we plan carefully to assure that we have the time and energy required to raise a litter of puppies to be well-socialized, happy individuals. Sires and dams are chosen carefully for their temperament, physical conformation, health (including hip, patella, elbow evaluation, eye, thyroid, and cardiac status) and performance aptitude. Puppies are raised in our home, initially in a quiet bedroom area and then at 4 weeks of age, they move into the middle of our kitchen or living room so that they have excellent stimulation and interaction with people.  

Our Goals

  • To produce Field Spaniels who are equipped to live happy and healthy lives first and foremost as companions.
  • To produce Field Spaniels able to successfully compete in show ring or performance venues as well. 

While we have had people wait for a puppy from Calico, we understand that not everyone wishes to wait for a puppy. In that case, you may wish to visit the RESOURCE page where we do have a few breeders listed. There is no express or implied endorsement of the breeders. It remains the responsibility of the individual to do their own investigation and evaluation of the breeder, any puppy(ies) and the information provided.  In addition, there are links to both the Fox River Field Spaniel Club and the Field Spaniel Society of America; both clubs offer breeder referral. 



We will not commit to anyone receiving a puppy from Calico until we have a confirmed pregnancy and puppies born. You will receive a final commitment from us around 8 weeks of age. We are seeking homes that are committed to a lifetime commitment to their Calico Field Spaniel.  We believe in producing healthy long living companions and to verify health clearances click here. We believe in communication from day one and we look forward to having our puppies be a companion and loving friend in your home.  All puppies are placed in their new homes with a written contract, veterinarian evaluation of health, and veterinary ophthalmologist eye check, and more.

To inquire as to whether or not we may have puppies available, please feel free to email us by clicking here. Then, we’ll need to talk about what you want in a puppy and what we expect to have. We want to be sure that a Field Spaniel is the right dog for your home as a puppy is a lifetime commitment. It is very possible for you to get a puppy from Calico even if you do not live within drivable distance; we simply ask that you be willing to fly here to pick up your puppy and fly the puppy back with you in a carry-on pet carrier.